Who’s Tanya?

January 2014. I have a better iPhone now.

Tanya is twenty-something and a “recent” university graduate with a bachelor’s in Political Science and Professional Writing. She studied and lived in Montreal from 2010-2013 (but didn’t improve her French, tabernak) and gained some intern experience in social media (which didn’t help much). In December 2013 she had to call it quits with the expensive beautiful city and move back into her parent’s suburban home located in Waterloo region. But at least she got to bring her dog home too.

For 9 long, depressing months, she lived the typical post-grad life of fruitless job hunting with a part-time job to barely pay her bills, student loan interest, and buy treats for her dogs. She’s often on the cusp of regretting a post-secondary education, yet she went back to school in the fall of 2014 (this is a thing that unemployed grads often do when they need a break from said minimum wage job).

2014 Accomplishments: G2 Driver’s License, getting a promotion, kicking ass in semester 1 of paralegal grad school.

Where did Tanya come from?

Tanya at 6 months old

Most people are surprised to know that Tanya was born, and lived part of her childhood, in the tundra known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has vivid memories of walking from the bus stop to school in -50C and never having a snow day. As if the winters weren’t bad enough, the swarm of mosquitos in the summertime kept her looking partially deformed due to her allergy to mosquito bites.

Luckily, her mum had the common sense to move to Ontario when she was 8 and got remarried to her best friend (technically Tanya’s step dad, but realistically her only dad). In the early 2000s, they popped out two more kids who are now Tanya’s annoying brothers. The older sister experience has bludgeoned any motherly yearnings out of her as she vows to avoid motherhood, yet she applauds her parents for putting up with them.

Anything Else?

Of course, this About page would not be complete without a shout out to Tanya’s boyfriend of 3+ years, with whom she lived from 2011-2013. They’re maintaining a long distance relationship (groan) thanks to iMessage, Skype, and long bus rides. They have plans of reuniting their lives (in Ontario this time) in the not-too-distant (but not soon enough!) future. He’s smart (engineer!), funny, kind, and a fitness junkie.

September 2014. My birthday dinner at m:brgr in Montreal.

 Can’t forget the doggies! 

Goku & Peeka: Best Frenemies.

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